Thursday, March 26, 2009

Narooma - The Plan

Although I have only been to Narooma about twice in my life from memory my version looks nothing like the real place. But I would like to think that if they ever had a railway there, then my plan could be used.
There are a few private sidings there including the usual dairy, oil, meat and others to provide shunting interest.

Narooma 1
Loco consists of two roads, but no turntable ( because there was Norooma for one). But all the essentials for steam working will be provided such as ash pit, coal stage, water columns and a water tank. And diesels will be welcome as well.

Most of the points are worked by brass wire inside tubing which has been set into the baseboard and suitably covered. The wire is bent up at the edge of the layout to form a handle and either a 44 gallon drum or a tree stump will be glued to it to form a 'hidden handle'. Points at the ends of the loops are worked by Peco point motors from the main panel.

The platform has a dock platform provided and a carriage road behind it for storage.

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