Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meat the new building.

I got this building from the second hand stall at the recent Forestville Model Railway exhibition. It was a Kibri building smothered in german signage which quickly got the flick. This is where some of the weathering came from. When I got it home I then commenced to cut the building in half with the trusty razor saw. One hour later (I think I need a new blade) voila there were now two buildings much to my relief. After gluing all the bits back that fell off in the process, the Narooma Meat siding (known locally as the bullshippers siding) was brought into action. There is a bit more work to be done around this section.

The other identical half will be located at the Candelo Cannery Siding. (known locally as the CC Senor siding as it is managed by a Mexican chap).

This was the first trial shunt into the siding. The unusual lashup of 49/44/49 is called the ham in the sandwich combination. A 44 class waiting for the loco siding to be finished so it can refuel stands idly by.

The ballast is starting to be laid and the weeds have already started to grow. It seems so absurd planting weeds on a layout to make it look real, and outside the shed I'm spending ages trying to get rid of them!

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