Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Phil'in in the day

2020 and our first 'train day' was due today. As per usual it always seems to rain on these days and today was no exception. We gathered over on the northern beaches of Sydney an area reknown for its famous rugby league team although kickoff is around another month away.
Phil has the ultimate train room situated under the house in a former garage that now exists in its final format. Beautifully presented with bright lighting, blue painted walls and finished off with some great photos of the northern line and well made finished off baseboards and complete with black curtain valance. What a man cave.
Various trains circled the layout representing trains of the bygone steam era. Coal trains are the four wheeled variety and BCH coal hoppers hauled by a sound 60 class garratt. No modern container trains found on this layout.
Since our last visit it seems only minor cosmetic changes and detailing has taken place. The amount of detail Phil has put into this layout is fantastic, each area has lots to take in. I particularly like his version of the Wickham Branch which in its day was full of various industrial sidings, a shunters delight. The branch on his layout also doubles up having storage/staging sidings built under.
So after spending some time absorbing the layout we ventured upstairs  for our barbeque lunch, some liquid refreshments, cake and coffee later and then off home in the afternoon traffic.
I'll let the pictures do the talking, another great day with some mates.






The End - Enjoy

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