Friday, June 30, 2017

My Huge Workbench

At the moment I am working away at the layout trying to get to the first crossing loop so that I can at least go somewhere and come back again with a train.
There is a combination of projects going on at the moment that both require different tools and equipment to complete.
As there is no provision for operation at the moment I have found that the baseboard has become a convenient "workbench" for everything needed.
It has it minuses and pluses. Usually everything is in sight and a casual glance will find the required object. Trouble is when another object is sitting on top of what I am looking for valuable work time is lost looking for it. One day I spent ten minutes looking for the tape measure and then discovered it in my pocket. If only you could get back those "looking for object x minutes" and turn them into valuable modelling time.
I am not sure if it is a sign of a sloppy modeller having the stuff strewn over the baseboard top or not, or smart everything is in view?
Working recently on the trestle corner module, as it was opposite the Eden module, I have been placing containers of scenery material there within reach. Where it is resting hasn't been fully sceniced  as yet so nothing is getting damaged. I have a sort of workbench but it is not suited to track laying or other scenery work, so the work has to be done on site.
I guess as each section becomes sceniced  then that section will be cleared of junk and a no go zone for tools etc.
So until I move ahead with final scenic work, the baseboards will be open slather for collecting the railway construction junk that goes on it. I find as it is spread out it is easier to find. Why put it away one day and have to get it all out again the next day!! As they say 'horses for courses' Following are two supportive photos for the above statements.
There is a track under there some where?

There will be a train there someday


  1. HI Bob,
    Yes I know the feeling. My work bench is our "Out Door Setting" and sometimes I feel I am going around in circles looking for items.

  2. Hi Jim,
    but at least your floor is cleaner than mine!

  3. Bob,
    I presume that the corollary to this is that you must continue in a state of perpetual construction, if for no other reason than that you can locate your tools and construction materials.
    cheers Phil

  4. Phil,
    Maybe I can do a mushroom style layout but permanently dedicate one layer to the tools?

  5. Bob,
    I noticed in your pictures the "Franklin" water bottles on the work bench. Is this the same as that you got from the States in the can, and is it what you used for the water fall??

  6. Jim,
    Imported from Tasmania, pure Franklin River water.