Friday, September 23, 2016

Top Job

Well some readers would have noticed that the words "in Transition" were included in the previous blog's title photo. I suppose it was an easing into the the narrow gauge field that I had kept that photo for so long.
It has been over a year since I have made the change to On30 modelling, so I have finally decided to change the header photo. The NA is an out of the box virgin loco that hasn't even received its numbers and other details yet. It and its two sisters have received their voice boxes so they are half way there. The photo will remain until I get the locos fully detailed and the layout further advanced and another shot taken for the header photo.
The shot was taken down my favourite part of the old layout, a place I called the gully and is where many photos were taken of the HO SCR. The previous header photo was also taken just to the left of this shot.
Anyway I hope you don't mind the new photo.
Also for the benefit for any foreign readers I have included a provision to translate the blog into their language. This will be of great benefit to the Russian spies saving them valuable time in getting it translated into their lingo.
I noticed there was provision to translate into Irish, but when I tried it I couldn't understand a word of it even though some of my ancestors came from there. What will be a big help though is the ability to translate the blog into Zulu. I can just visualise them now, jumping up and down for joy as they can finally enjoy the blog.

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