Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I Spy

Blogspots have an add on where you can put a hit counter on your site that allows you to know whether it is worthwhile to continue posting or not. If no one is looking waste your energy into finishing your layout instead.
Each time there is a posting, viewers can be notified by email to the new post and view. My counter has been slowly creeping up in numbers as would be expected over the years.
But a recent check showed the count skyrocketing. Is there a new unfounded batch of narrow gauge modellers out there?

I had previously mentioned that there seemed to be a huge sudden count spike from Russia. After I made mention of that fact on the blog, those figures had reduced but an un-expected count spike came from another site. You would never guess the island of Mauritius!. The only thing I can deduce from this is that the Ruski's were aware we were onto them. So then they told some to take a holiday and Mauritius is where they ended up. You can see on the map of the world that the higher traffic areas have the darker greens varying to white where no one cares, but I couldn't see the little green pixel from Mauritius on the map of the world below.
Holidays only last so long and the count from Mauritius has gone down and the count from Russia has increased again.
Maybe they are genuine modellers? Fellow Bloggers Phil from Phillips Creek and Rob from Picton (maybe others) have also been receiving these hits from the Ruski's.
I don't think they mean any harm but one thing is for sure that the hit counter will reach the 100K a lot quicker.


  1. I too, have been having a massive inflow from the former Soviet Union, me thinks that Putin is some sort of hard core gunzel or they are playing funny buggers with these Java based sites in an effort to enter our operating systems. (Now places tin foil hat on his head)

  2. They are hackers trying to get details from your computer, be careful, I know a model railway shop in Sydney who had to close down his website because of this, his blog had thousands of hits from Russia, be careful

  3. And I thought it was due to me featuring on the cover of Sexy Men of Model Railroading.

  4. Looks like it's a common problem across blogpsot sites.The traffic seems to have died down again looking at my stats.I'm sure Mr Google has the appropriate security detection systems in place.............

  5. Hi Glenn, Geoff, Phillip and Rob,
    Glad I am not the only one they were visiting, gets your hit counter moving in the right direction.