Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yet More Scenery Work
Its one of things you have to keep at to make some progress. Saturday night saw a few hours 'attacking' the hill that was in last weeks blog.
This involves planting greenery to get rid of that solid wall of plaster. I am happy with the progress and a few more weeks and I'll move onto somewhere else.
I used some gloss spray onto the rocks to represent wet rocks something that generally happens around tunnel mouths and rockwalls. The spray didn't seem to stay glossy on the rocks but during the week I purchased some acrylic gloss medium and painted it onto the rocks. The results can be seen in the photos.
You can spend too many hours on scenery making fine detail that is only obvious on close inspection, and the beauty of us getting older is that our eyesight is not up to seeing fine detail anyway. As long as you are happy with your results that all that matters.
The scenery this weekend was above the tunnel mouth and just to the right of the tunnel. Being at the base of the cliff a more lush growth was taking advantage of plenty of moisture.

Here are a few shots as I just happened to be near the tunnel with a camera when two freights, one hauled by a 44 class and the other a 421 class went by.


  1. Nice shrubs what do you use?
    cheers Peter

  2. Peter,
    mostly Woodland scenics foilage and clumps. Shrubby trees to the right are from Scenic express in US but now unavailable for sending to Aus.

  3. Very nice work , BOb. You really have the nack for the placement of certain parts of the greenery. I won't do any scenery yet, till you get here !!
    Still great work, as always.