Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vents are here!The last post dealt with the ordering of some roof vents for the dairy roof. They turned up yesterday in a bigger cardboard box than I had expected. I thought they might have started dealing with shoes, it certainly could have fitted a pair in there. (Well maybe thongs)
When I searched the Walthers cattle dog using the key word 'vent' It came up with two items that looked promising.
One was from JL Innovative Design containing about 16 various vents and a few chimneys. These are described as 'unfinished cast details' I am a bit hesitant to open the package with the word "unfinished" stated thereon. I wonder which bit they left out.
The other bag of parts was from Rix and are termed 'multi scale' The bag is specific in saying "Ages 14 and up". It would be sad to be 12 only to be told you would have to wait another 2 years before opening the bag. And the other words at the other end of that statement " ...and up" goes up until you can't see or feel anymore to put the darn things together. And then make sure your grandson is over fourteen before he can help you.
The order was made on line on the 18th August and turned up here on the 6th of September.
The JL vents were $9.98, Rix vents $7.95, Mail order handling $6.25 and Air freight $3.58 for a total of $27.77.
As usual I will probably wait till the weekend to have a go at getting the vents on. Saturday looks like its a dead horse for the shed as I will be going to the model exhibition at Broadmeadow, along with hopefully viewing the double headed steam heading for Newcastle on the same day. Then Saturday night the footy finals are on. So maybe Sunday.

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