Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Last Post.
No don't get excited, this is not the last post ever, but hopefully the 'last post' about the leaky roof.
I received a phone call at work last Thursday from the hardware man, saying that the corrugated roofing has arrived.
Arriving there I saw this long length or corro that need loading onto the roof rack of his four wheel drive. With just a small 'T' piece strapped to the bull bar for support, one by one we loaded these 7.5 metre long sheets on board. A quick tie down to the roof racks and we were on our way.
We headed off down a single lane road doing all of 40 clicks and soon a wagon train of cars grew behind the 4WD.
Eventually we made it to the highway which was at least two lanes wide, allowing cars on their way home to pass.
He backed into the driveway and we then had to unload these sheets one by one again. We found the easiest way to get these to the back yard was to place them on our heads and walk them in.
Six sheets later and they were on the ground waiting for stage 2 today.
There was no rain about today, only the hot boiling sun. I started early getting up on the roof and cutting branches back as well as getting the screws lifted.
My daughter and future son in law arrived and we got straight into it. Off came the first row of iron and I was surprised to discover that every rat in the district had decided to live in my roof.As can be seen from the great hole in the above photo this appears to be the lounge room of one of the residents.
Now can you work this out. Where has all the fibreglass insulation gone to? If us humans go into the roof to install, its wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, don't forget the gloves and never go up without a face mask and breath in all that dust and fibres which they say can kill.Well apparently the rats must be immune to that sort of thing because there were rooms, passageways and a ton more insulation missing since the day it was put in. Any way I hope these rats were all from the same family that were eliminated on a previous post. I had a few pieces of insulation left over which I managed to put in. Then on the news tonight we find out that Mr 'Midnight Spoil' has cancelled the insulation rebate. Then there were shots of hundreds of rolls of insulation that were going to be laid out on the lawns of Parliament House being loaded into the back of protest vehicles. Gees guys one roll would have done me if you had any spare.After a well deserved break and some lunch we got back into it and eventually the six sheets were laid. I was tired towards the end, and found out there is no such thing as a 'sat on a hot tin roof''. It was boiling.The photo above is the first and last shot of the roof you are likely to see. And I hope to be able to get back into some modelling soon.

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  1. The pain of forking out a 'sound equipped loco's worth' for a new roof will soon be forgotten after all those dry and worry free modeling days ahead. If you get brutal with the trees you will probably have less 'residents', they love natures stairways!