Sunday, July 5, 2009

The High's and Low's of the weekend.
Not much was achieved railway wise this weekend. My No. 1 priority was to move the TV aerial higher to finally re-receive channel 7 once again. I did all the preliminary work outside by taking down the aerial from its existing place and trying to balance it 10' up a ladder and then inserting a dynabolt to secure it. After finally getting the first one in and then drilling another hole the second dynabolt was easy to put in. The third dynabolt is for another time as they only came in a two pack.
Then before I squeezed into the manhole entrance I made a final check that I had everything to do the job. Pliers - check, cutting knife - check, torch - check, last will - check. It was such a squeeze getting to the point where I needed to get the new wires joined up that I didn't want to have to come out again. Finally arriving at the worksite when I checked the plug from the aerial it was a boy plug that was supposed to go into a female plug. But no, I had a boy meets boy plug which doesn't go. It was supposed to go into a splitter then one wire to a TV in the family room and the other into the lounge room. I fixed it temporarily by using the front plug holes of the splitter but now I have to get a plug with a girl hole in each end to meet up with the boy plugs. So another trip into the roof in the future. But the good news is all channels are now working and suck eggs to the guy that quoted me $440 to fix it. (thats another loco or so)
I did go into the shed this afternoon for a while and came up for dinner, and forgot to shut the door.
And when I went back down after tea, I heard a noise in the shed. For a fleeting moment I thought the rats were back but when I got inside it was a bandicoot having a stickbeak. I then ducked under the layout and came around from the other side and luckily he shot through out the door. All I need now is the trifecta with a snake turning up in summer time. Don't worry I have already crossed possums off the list as well.
With 700 jobs to do on the list I thought I might as well have a go at making another tree. It took two Moody Blues CD's and when they had finished it was time to pack up for another week.

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