Thursday, March 12, 2009

When I finally get the hang of all the boxes and pop ups and downs this will be my blog for my model rail set up.

I decided to call it 'South Coast Rail' as towns like Batemans Bay, Bega and Narooma started appearing on the layout. Had I modelled Orange this name would not have been appropriate.

Freelancing layouts enables you to model a place that no one can say 'XYZ doesn't look like that!'

SCR has been in the making for around 10 years now and still hopefully has plenty more to go. The layout is single track (half the price of double track layouts and more challenging) and has four main crossing locations Bega, Batemans Bay, Narooma and Bodalla. It also includes a branch with a crossing location Kameruka (this layout is big on cheeses) and the branch terminus of Candelo. There is also a coal mine near the branch line terminus.

The layout is protected by a large shed, mainly to protect against possums that seem to enjoy chasing each other across the roof. Mod cons such as an air conditioner, TV, DVD, VHS. (sorry no bar fridge or kettle as yet) help make the stay in there more comfortable. No room as yet for a bed.